Most consultations are done by direct messaging or through the phone. To deliver what You desire, I have to know a few simple things:

  • Concept: let me know your main inspirations, browse magazines, makeup catalogs, instagram pages, watch youtube videos and send me the links. I also like to know the type of music that get’s you in your vibe.
  • Location
    • Studio - choosing the colours of the backdrops and the colours of light filters, also how soft or hard would You like the images to look. 
    • On location - choosing the right location and the right timing to avoid traffic
    • Both - that certainly takes the whole day and I always suggest to start with the locations first.
  • Audience: who is the image for? Personal branding, website sponsors, clothing line, etc…
  • Reflections: how do You want people to feel about your images? Sexy, more conservative, professional, career / family oriented




As every tight outfit leaves marks on the skin if Your session includes lingerie, bikini or nude pictures it’s best to start with those, except for underwater photography. I request to wear very loose clothes upon arrival that leaves minimal or absolutely no marks on the body. As I’m working with over 1600 watts of lights I’m warning You to carefully select your layers, as the lights can get through thin fabrics, so that won’t create unnecessary mistakes. Flesh colored foundation wear is probably the best all rounder, however white and black brass and panties also works perfectly with the same colour outfits. 



 3.  WATER & NO PARTYfor at least 48 HOURS


You are representing yourself and I want You to look best on your shoot day.

H2O, AQUA, L’EAU, WATER!!! More, more & more! Let it flush your system and hydrate your skin, also it will get rid of your water retension if You have any.

NO PARTY! Really! Music is not gonna hurt You, but smoking, alcohol, substances will definitely show next day on my lenses… and I’m obsessed with a clear look, so as the casting directors, who might judge these pictures some day, so please don’t keep yourself from looking your absolute best! I don’t mind retouching breakouts, wrinkles but there’s nothing I can do with a tired face.




Make sure You are still best friends with your razor. Don’t leave it for the last second, as if there’s skin irritation that won’t have time to heal. I believe in waxing, if that’s done properly on time there’s absolutely no risk.

 I’m a big fan of nails as they can vary in unlimited shapes, colours and forms as they tell a lot about the person who’s wearing them. Usually less is more, I suggest french manicure and pedicure, avoid flashy, neon colors as they can drag attention and ruin the barefoot images.




Time to shine. As You hopefully took a good night of rest and left on time to avoid being late, there’s nothing that could ruin our day. Time for your make-up, hair styling and wardrobe setup. Bring your wrinkle free clothing on hangers if possible, and if You decide on location make sure You have comfortable shoes as we might have to climb hills or cross forests for the desired spot.


The rest is on me, I’ll make sure to bring our session to success. Working with the fastest profoto lights and nikons flagship lenses and cameras makes every shoot go smooth and easy. I’ll help You posing and relaxing as I’ll capture Your most beautiful sides.